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An Introduction

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Me and the Loyal Companion

For my first article, I thought I would tell you a little about myself, and the purpose of this new prepper site.

A former outdoor survival instructor, I currently work as a police officer in a suburb of Oklahoma City.

I found myself beginning to prep just a few years ago. I fought the term “Prepper” for a long time, as I believed the media had given it a negative connotation. Instead, I was “being prepared for unforeseen events”. But let’s be honest, I was merely arguing semantics.

I’m still not crazy about the term. But it is what it is.

Although I started just a few years ago, I have a long history of being outdoors and developing survival skills. It started in my teens, as I was a Boy Scout. I loved it, and made the rank of Eagle Scout at age 16. I camped every summer, including a 2 week stay in Scout Camp at Philmont, NM.

In my late teens, I attended a 3 month outdoor survival school, where I eventually became an instructor. I taught others primitive living skills such as land navigation, primitive fire making (bow drill), how to locate and secure water, how to make rudimentary shelters, and other survival skills.

I pursued a career in law enforcement, and have been a police officer since 1999. That fostered my love of firearms and the shooting sports.

For a year or so, I wrote articles for a great site, GrayWolf But he encouraged me to branch out and try this on my own. So I have. But I will reference that site quite a bit. If you have not visited, I encourage you to do so.

In branching out on my own, I wanted to be able to share my knowledge and experience with others. In turn, I hope to get feedback, insight, and learn new things from visitors like you. I believe that you never stop learning. And just as I want to impart my knowledge to you, I hope to receive knowledge back.

As a “Prepper” website, I plan on posting articles that will help you and your loved ones learn to be prepared for anything that life throws at you. This isn’t just about TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World As We Know It). This is for any disaster, big or small. From floods and hurricanes, to job loss or house fires. A SHTF event (Sh*t Hit the Fan) doesn’t have to be on a large scale. It could be just on a personal level.

I will use a common sense approach and real life examples to hopefully illustrate things you can do to ensure you are better prepared.

If you want to contact me, click this link, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Happy Prepping!

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Preparedness tips from a veteran police officer
Preparedness tips from a veteran police officer
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