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prepper rain gear

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I have mentioned a few times in previous articles about owning a Frog Togg rain suit. Lately, I have received several emails asking me about Frog Togg. Are they really that good? They are only $20 or so? Are they light weight? Questions like that. So I thought I would do a review on the suit and tell you why I think it is the perfect prepper rain gear!

Now before I jump into it, let me state, for the record, I am NOT a Frog Togg salesman. I have not had any sort of communication with Frog Togg, and they are not in any way compensating me for this article. I am writing about this suit because I believe in it and I use it.

The picture to the left is my brother, Mike, wearing his Frog Togg suit. He presently works for a company that repairs and paints roller coasters. That picture was taken on a cold and wet Chicago morning in March. In about 25 degree weather, he was power washing the roller coaster. (I would never power wash anything in 25 degree weather, but then again I’m not half crazy!)

Mike said that with the industrial strength power washer, water was “going everywhere”. Everything was soaked and freezing within minutes. But the Frog Togg suit kept his inner layers completely dry, which kept him warm and dry. And as any good prepper knows, getting wet in cold weather can lead to hypothermia. (Hypothermia is the number one killer of outdoor recreationalists!) If you are wet and do not take precautions, you can perish in temps as high as 50 degrees!

Your body loses heat much quicker in water than through air, and water temperature of 50 degrees can kill you in an hour. (Submersion.) Simply being wet aggravates the conditions of hypothermia. Clothing will lose up to 90% of their insulating properties when wet. (Wool is better than most for retaining insulation when wet.)

Hypothermia causes energy loss as your body tries to warm itself, (shivering). Your hands and feet will begin to go numb as the body pulls blood and oxygen in to try and keep your vital organs warm.

As your core temperature drops, you will begin to have lapses in judgement as the drop in body temperature affects your brain. This of course leads to poor decision making, which you will NOT be aware of. The end result if not immediately corrected, is frostbite and/or even death. Hence, you need to stay dry!

Click the pic to order regular suit

prepper rain gear

Notice the ice on his hood!

The suit itself is made of a polypropylene material, and it about 3-4 oz in weight. It is compact, and would easily squeeze into a Bug Out Bag or even a day bag. They come in several different colors. My brother and I got the tan colored suits. We both wanted a subdued color for Opsec purposes should we ever find ourselves having to bug out in them. (Become the “Gray man”.)

The pants are pull over, while the jacket has a hood and a zipper in the front.

There are a few things to keep in mind. While this suit is breathable and waterproof, it isn’t extremely rugged. Designed for normal day to day use, you could walk in it just fine. As long as you took proper care with it they should be ok and last quite a long time.

However, I would NOT recommend going rock climbing in them for example. My brother said one morning he accidently hit his leg with the industrial strength power washer stream, and it made a hole in the pants. But for $20, he bought another pair.

I have used mine from time to time, and I keep it in my Get Home Bag (GHB). I have complete confidence in it as it has kept me nice and dry in the past.

The suit is also breathable, and will allow airflow in and out of the suit. This helps to slow the evaporation of sweat, which will keep you cooler in the summer time.

Frog Togg is now producing a heavy duty suit, which is more durable and rugged. The cost is about double a normal suit, ($40) and it weighs about 1 lb.

I ordered this new suit and it arrived yesterday. It did not come with the handy little pouch like my first suit did.  See picture here. Instead mine arrived on a hanger.

I could immediately tell it was a thicker, heavier material than my original suit and weighed about 1 lb. The material felt more durable too. The hood is removable, and the jackets has snaps as well as a zipper in the front.


Heavy Duty Frog Togg

My plan at this point is to take the heavy suit to my homestead and leave it there. I think it will be strong enough to keep me dry while working on the homestead.

Final Thoughts

For $20, I think the regular suit would make a great addition to any Bug Out Bag or Get Home Bag. It is light weight, fits easily into even a day bag, is breathable and water proof. Its easy to put on and take off.

Click the pic for the heavy duty suit

If I had to find something to complain about, it would be a lack of pockets. But otherwise this is my first choice for rain gear.

The heavy duty suit might be a bit much for person who is conscientious about the weight and space of his/her bag. But for me, I think it is perfect for working on the Bug Out location or homestead.

Stay safe out there!

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