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EDC Holster Review – Tactical Rig Osborn Holster

holster1I am a firm believer in having a self-defense type weapon as a part of your EDC. (Every Day Carry). And I also advocate carrying that weapon concealed. While I carry a Glock 23 with a Streamlight Tactlite on duty, off duty I prefer something that is much easier to conceal. I carry a Sig Sauer P238.

The P238 comes with its own carry/conceal holster, a nice touch by Sig. But it rode too high on my waist for my liking. And it did not feel like it was completely secure.

So when the good folks at Osborn Holster offered to make me a carry/conceal leather holster for my Sig, and make it large enough to also carry a spare magazine, I said “Hell Yeah!”

For those of you who are not familiar with Osborn Holsters, they have been in the market for the past 3 to 4 years. They specialize in making custom holsters for almost any style of pistol. Osborn holsters are made right here in the USA, headquartered in Texas.

I ordered the IWB (Inside Waist Band) Tact rig for my Sig, and was surprised when it arrived less than a week later. I order firearm parts all the time. Many times it takes a week just to process the order and then ship the parts. So to have my holster fabricated and sent to me in that amount of time left me pleasantly surprised.

The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the package was how durable, yet flexible the leather was. I also noticed that the holes for the magazine attachments and the kydex had been reinforced with eyelets, which should help with the holster’s durability. I’m a big fan of buying products that are durable and long lasting. So I give bonus points for things like that.

The P238 fit securely in the Kydex molding. It was a bit snug, and took some effort to pull out. But the holster uses screws with rubber spacers to attach it to the leather. This means that the amount of retention can be adjusted. So between adjusting the screws, and normal use (break in period), the tight retention should not be an issue.

On the flip side, I felt that the Sig was very secure, both in the holster and on my waist. After wearing it for a few days, I never once worried about the firearm accidentally dislodging or falling out. And because the holster also carries an additional magazine, it is large enough to have two belt clips. So the holster stayed completely in place. The Sig holster that came with the firearm would sometimes be jostled and move on my hip. But not with this holster. It felt locked in!

As I mentioned earlier, I fully believe in carrying concealed. The whole “OpSec” thing is something I take seriously. The Osborn holster was not only secure, but it also concealed very well. I did not see much in the way of imprinting.

holster2When carrying off duty, I prefer an IWB type holster. In the past, I have had some issues with the firearm rubbing my skin. Over time, this can become annoying, especially with my Sig. The safety would rub and irritate my hip. But the leather pad on the Osborn is large enough that it covers the entire gun. No more rubbing! (The back of the leather is fairly soft.)

The price of my holster is around $70. That’s not bad at all when you consider that it a) houses both the firearm AND an extra mag, and b) the solid quality of the holster itself. The holsters for just the firearm are obviously less expensive.

I am used to wearing my firearm on the right hip, at the “3 ‘o’clock position”. But when I did that, the magazine attachment and belt clip would poke me in the upper groin. Not pleasant! But when I slid the holster so that the Sig was at more of the “3:30 to 4 o’clock position” and the magazine is at “3 o’clock”, the holster fit like a glove.

holster4holster3It will take a little practice, getting used to drawing and firing from that position. But I don’t mind. It gives me an excuse to go to the range. (Like I need an excuse…)

Overall, I came away pleased with my holster. I was looking for an IWB holster that rode lower to my waist, felt secure, and still remained concealed. Osborn holster fit the bill! I like it enough that I will be ordering another one, this time for my father. And that means I won’t spend weeks trying to figure out what to get him for Xmas this year.

If you are looking for a quality carry/conceal holster, stop by Osborn’s website, or visit them on Facebook. They say they can make holsters to fit any firearm!

Stay safe out there!

UPDATE 10/11/15 – I had loosened some of the screws on the Kydex holster to make it easier to draw the P238. Unfortunately, I loosened a bit too much, and one of the screws fell out. I reached out the Osborn holster and asked them how I could purchase some new screws and eyelets. They told me it was free of charge and would send me a new one. I explained that the screw fell out because of me, not because of the holster. But they sent it free of charge anyway!

So I can also tell you from experience that the customer service is top notch! My thanks to Osborn Holsters.


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Stay safe out there!

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