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Preparing for the Election – Resources Guide

2nd-amendmentWith the elections just weeks away, I wanted to give some resources for those of you who might be preparing for the results of this year’s election. I also wanted to give you something to think about if you have not yet thought about preparing for it.

When I first put this site together, I told myself that I would not delve into politics. To me, preparedness transcends political and ideological belief. But I cannot hold my tongue any longer when I see our country’s freedoms being stripped away. I feel like if I don’t say/do something and instead remain silent, I am complicit with it happening.

So I have begun to speak out.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you who you should vote for. I truly believe that most people already know who they plan on voting for. If you are an informed voter, then you should already know where the candidates stand on issues like the 2nd Amendment.

I had a discussion with a more left leaning co-worker the other day. He told me that every time a Democratic president gets elected, gun sales spike. Then it calms down and then nothing really happens. Hence gun owners have nothing to panic over.

This has been true in the past. This time however, I think things are different.

I chuckled a bit, and mentioned that in July, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey banned “Assault Weapons” in her state. No congressional debate. No vote of the people. She simply banned them. So don’t think for a second that it could not happen in your state, or worse on a national level.

He asked me the question so typical of anti-gun folks, “Why do you need an AR? All it is good for is killing people.”

I sent him this link and told him to read it. It sums up why so many millions of Americans have an AR-15. (I urge you to read it as well.)

I reminded him that the last time a Clinton was in the White House, the Federal Assault Weapons ban was enacted. I also mentioned that the current Clinton presidential candidate has no qualms about using an executive order to carry out more gun control laws. The videos below illustrate that point. Hopefully, these videos also drive home just how important this election is to our country and to our freedoms!

Finally, I told him that the next president will be selecting the replacement for Supreme Court justice Anthony Scalia. I mentioned that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83 years old. Also add in the fact that Clarence Thomas (the next oldest justice) is no spring chicken himself at 68 years old.

This means that the next president could very well be selecting possibly 2 or even 3 new Supreme Court justices. If you do not think that could directly impact the 2nd amendment for generations to come, then you haven’t been paying attention.

For those reasons, I have been slowly making preparations to preserve my ability to defend myself and my family. I plan on preserving my 2nd amendment rights.

I do not want to fear monger. Fear is not a good thing, nor should it be the driving force for why you prep. But the warning signs are there. I truly believe we need to take them seriously.

Below are resources to information that will help you with your firearms and self-defense preparations. The first group of resources are information based links and videos. The second group is of vendors. Please note that I do not have any financial ties to any of these. I’m merely posting them here because I have had great success with them in the past.


Purchasing your first firearm

Firearms for Preppers – EDC

Firearms for Preppers – SHTF

Discreet weapons you can carry almost anywhere

Building your own AR

7 Rules for EDC firearms

Full30 – Youtube for firearms

Slick guns – Great resource site for finding great deals on firearms, ammo, and accessories – Great resources and information on ARs

Stockpiling ammo

Protecting you ammo stockpile


Palmetto State Armory – Quality parts without breaking the bank. Great daily deals. Shipping times can be slow sometimes though

Kentucky Gun Company – Some decent deals. I have ordered from them before

BCM – Bravo Company makes and distributes high quality ARs and parts

Osborne Holsters – Makes great carry conceal holsters. Read my review here

Final Thoughts

I will continue to add resources and links to this page. In the meantime, I urge you to not only stay on top of current events, but to do your own research. Do NOT rely solely on the mainstream media as your only source of news and information. The media is openly colluding with political candidates. They (the media) have their own agenda that no longer is about just disseminating the news. So to stay truly informed, go outside of the mainstream media to find out what is really going on.

I urge you to vote. Career politicians and those who are beholden to the political system of corruption and greed need to go!! I promise you, those politicians answer to their giant corporate and banking donors, NOT the people they are supposed to represent. So follow their money! Actively campaign for candidates who run against them.

And finally, if you are not a member of a group seeking to protect our 2nd amendment rights, then by all means JOIN ONE! I am a member of the NRA, but there are other gun rights groups out there. Join one, and actively participate. Go to the rallies. Get involved!

Our 2nd amendment rights are under attack! There are those out there who want to do away with our right to defend ourselves, and we HAVE to act now to stop them! Future generations are counting on us.


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Stay safe out there!

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