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6 Things You Should Throw in Your BOV’s Trunk When Bugging Out

One of the things less talked about in bug out scenarios is the things you will take with you. For some reason, many don’t put a lot of thought into this, even though leaving one’s valuables behind is hard to understand.

Sure, when you need to evacuate, you’ll have plenty of other things to worry about… but the things you pack with you should also be a priority.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about your bug out vehicle’s supplies that are there every day. I’m referring to the things you can throw into the extra space left in your trunk (or on the backseat), at the moment of evacuation (if there’s time, of course).

So, right now you may have items such as water, a flashlight and jumper cables, but, as you’re about to see, the things in the list below are well worth packing when the big one hits. Again, if there’s time, as speed is of the essence when bugging out.

#1. Documents (in Original)

Ok, so you probably have copies of your birth certificate and other documents stored on your phone and printed and laminated in your BOB, but what about the originals? These will still be more important than the copies you have, so taking them with you is important. You can’t keep them inside your car at all times, of course, which is why they have to be one of the first things you grab and throw in your BOV as you’re about to leave.

For more information on what type of documents you need, click the link here!

#2. Your Portable Garden

What’s a portable garden, you may ask? It sounds fancy but it’s nothing more than a collection of pots where you grow veggies such as potatoes and tomatoes. These are great because you can move them around in an emergency so, if you have to bug in, you can bring them inside.

#3. Food and Water

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Yes, the food and water you have in your car are great but the more the better. Unless you’re a hardcore survivalist who knows how to hunt and use snares to catch food, you probably want to take with you as much of your stockpile as possible.

Bugging out probably means you’re won’t be back for a long time, so why leave your things up for grabs?

Need more information on long-term water storage? Click the link here!

#4. Clothes

Needless to say, you won’t do much shopping post-collapse. Throwing as much of your wardrobe as you can is a good idea, just keep in mind that clothes take up a lot of space, which means you might leave out other things that are important.

For more tips on what clothing you need to be prepared…click the link here!

#5. Medicine

Since getting sick when you’re out there, on the run, is very likely, don’t forget to take with you everything from your medicine cabinet. Keep plastic bags handy so you can quickly throw them all in there and avoid making several trips to the car.

#6. Your Laptop

I’m adding it because I have a feeling many will completely forget about it. Laptops aren’t the kinds of things you see on survival lists, so it’s easy to see why they may get overlooked. Still, they’ll be incredibly useful, as information will be worth more than gold in a SHTF scenario.

Final Tips

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Before I wrap this up, I want to give you a few tips for when the time finally comes.

First off, how about you keep some plastic bags handy around the house? This will help you quickly gather your things while minimizing the number of trips to and from your car. It’s much better to have a few available in every room. Besides, plastic bags have a huge number of survival uses.

Second, you should expand on this list and even print it off. When the time comes, you’ll want to know exactly what to take and where to find it – there will be no time to lose.

Last but not least, keep in mind that not everything qualifies to be in your car. Sure, as preppers we learn that pretty much anything can be used for survival… but you have to consider the limited space, plus the fact that heavy things will just slow the car down.

For more information on how to know when it is time to bug out, click this link here!

Dan Sullivan


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Stay safe out there!

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  • Interesting take here Dan. The laptop is something I would have never thought of but it makes sense. I think hunting and fishing gear are paramount to pack in a SHTF scenario too so don’t forget the hunting rifle and some fish hooks and line either. What is your take on this?

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