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4 Essential sleep tips during SHTF

Editor’s note: Please welcome Will M. to William enjoys learning how health affects our bodies during tough conditions. This subject has been an interest of his since he was a little boy. In his free time, you will find him camping and reading non-fiction books.

The work of a prepper is never done. You always have to be focused on the idea that the world as we know it might end in a split second. You always have to make sure the BOB (Bug Out Bag) is properly stocked, the survival bunker has everything you may need in an emergency, and that, in the case of an apocalyptic event, you and your family will be able to get out-of-town safe and unharmed.

This takes constant effort, but it’s not just about the tools and items you may need. It’s also about the skills you have and the ones you should have so the learning process must be well-defined in your life. Not to mention that you have to carry on with your regular life as well!

With such a busy schedule, do you find time to get some shut-eye? Most people I know in this niche are a bit indifferent when it comes to sleep. The old saying ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ comes to mind many times. Still, according to specialists, sleep-deprived people expose themselves to a bunch of health and hazard risks that are not worth the extra hours of work you get in return.

During a SFTH situation, your health (for both the mind and the body) will be very important because medical service and needed medical supplies and medicine may not be accessible. Of course, you should have a very well-stocked first aid kit in your survival kit. It’s better to prevent illness and injury than to treat it.

Now, if we imagine a hypothetical scenario where the world is struggling to function without any of the known structures, without civilization, divided into factions and fighting for survival, it’s easy to understand the level of stress that dominates everyone.  So, if you can’t sleep now because you’re too busy, how will you sleep then?  Especially when it will seem almost impossible to get some shut-eye?

To get some pertinent information, I did some research among the people who had to accommodate to the war-zone lifestyle (soldiers, Marines, and other veterans). They all described a scenario similar to a survival situation. They passed on several useful tricks that will keep you healthy and rested even through an SHTF situation.

#1:  Find the Right Location

If you have a survival bunker at your disposal, it will be quite easy to find a small corner to rest your bones. Try to find a location without any light and ask everyone to keep it as quiet as possible. If the body is deprived on stimuli such as light and sound, the sleep will come even if your thoughts are agitated.

If you don’t have a bunker or any type of shelter, a cave is the next best thing. Still, make sure to first check it for predators or other occupants – you don’t want to be found sleeping by an enemy faction, right?

#2: Make a Sleeping Surface

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I know you may not have any high-end mattresses at your disposal. But by using natural materials, you can create a decent sleeping surface. That’s why it is important to learn about materials that are today used to make mattresses like feathers, wool, or latex.

I recently read on that natural fibers like the ones I just mentioned are the latest trend in today’s market. This happens because they repel parasites and regulate the body temperature without any help from gels or other synthetic materials.

You can also use other materials such as straws or even blankets. It is important to create a surface that will support your body and spine in a correct manner.

Editor’s note: Having a good travel air mattress that is small enough to travel is wonderful. I have slept on this one several times and it has been quite comfortable. Easily fits in a bug out bag or hiking backpack!

#3: Maintain Body Temperature While Sleeping

When you sleep, your body temperature usually drops by a degree or two. Experts believe that this helps the body preserve energy. But in very hot or cold environments, this could become difficult. Without being able to maintain your core body temperature, your sleep could become disjointed, restless, or you could have problems falling or maintaining sleep. Here are a few things to consider about maintaining core temperature when sleeping in SHTF:

  • Keep out extra light from your sleeping area. Experts believe that sleeping in a cooler area helps the body to facilitate the body’s drop in temperature.
  • Do not sleep directly on the ground. The floor/ground can absorb a lot of your body heat, making you colder
  • Hot air rises, so if possible sleep upstairs in the winter, and downstairs in the summer
  • Try to avoid blankets/sleeping bags made of cotton. Cotton is hydrophilic and will absorb moisture. this makes the material wet and will cause you to become cold. Wool and polyester blankets and sleeping bags are better
  • Try to cool yourself off before going to sleep. This lowers your core temperature some and will help stop some of your sweating. That sweat will cool down and can make you cold as the temperature drops
  • Change your clothes before you sleep. If possible, put on clean clothes that do not have moisture in the them. The clothes you wear during the day will have your sweat, dirt, etc on them and can cause you problems

#4: Sleep in Rounds

Given the gravity of the situation, you won’t be able to sleep like you used to (7 to 8 hours each night). So it’s important to keep it under control.  If you’re not alone, take rounds so anyone can get at least 20 minutes to one hour of sleep per cycle. This will keep everyone refreshed and rested. This means your mood will be more positive and your focus will remain sharp.

Overall, sleep is very important in an emergency situation. Even though it may not seem so, your body will require rest at a certain point. Still, you shouldn’t wait until you can’t take it anymore and collapse from exhaustion. SHTF could be a dangerous state for you and the ones you have under protection! So getting enough quality sleep is tantamount to your survival.


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    By: Will M

    William enjoys learning how health affects our bodies during though conditions. This subject has been an interest of his since a little boy. On his free time, you will find him camping and reading non-fiction books.

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