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Ron Melchiore

Off Grid and Free – A homesteader’s story

garden-house-and-outbuildingsEditor’s Note: Please welcome Ron Melchiore to Plan and Prepared. Ron has lived “Off-grid” and self-reliant for over 30 years. He has a wealth of information on this subject. Here is his story!

A chilly hello from the Canadian wilderness! A plethora of websites on the Internet cater to the prepping/off-grid/homesteading communities and it can be mind numbing to sort through them all.

I like our host James’s site for being clean, uncluttered and straightforward. I also like the name he has chosen. Plan and Prepared. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! If you plan properly, everything else falls into place.

My wife and I have lived an unconventional life and I now find myself in the strange position of writing articles for some of these wonderful websites. We come to you as two experienced homesteaders who have lived our lives unconnected from the power grid for almost 37 years.

I write to you from 100 miles in the Canadian wilderness. This computer/satellite link is our only connection to the outside world. We shop twice a year in the spring and fall and it is only during those 2 times when we take care of our resupply needs, appointments and interact with other human beings.
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