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7 Manual Kitchen Tools That Work with No Power

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Manual kitchen tools that work with no power are important to have in case of an emergency which includes power outage. Having the right type of manual kitchen tools makes every task much easier. In fact for certain tasks, the manual kitchen tools work just as well or even better than the powered machines.

You might even discover that you enjoy the simplicity and the rustic appeal of using the manual tools for your daily kitchen tasks.

This list is assuming you already have standard kitchen utensils. Things like spatulas, whisks, etc. Instead, this list will focus on tools you may not have thought about to help you prepare food without the benefit of things like gas or electricity.

1. Manual Food Grinder

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A manual food grinder is a must have manual kitchen tool especially for those who prefer making their own meatballs or sausages. The food grinder can be used to grind fruits, vegetables, pork, beef and even chicken, allowing you to make tasty meals.

Food grinders usually come with different tips, normally depending on how coarse or fine you want your food. A food grinder will also help you get your food ready for storage for times when you need it most. Keep in mind that the food grinder will not grind up grains; for that you’ll need the grain mill.

2. Mortar and Pestle Set

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Mortar and pestle sets have been around for many years, but they’re often neglected because of the modern appliances we have now. However, these sets can efficiently do the task of grinding, crushing, and powdering seeds, nuts, herbs, teas and roots for all types of food.

This style of crushing or grinding releases all the best flavors in herbs, seeds, garlic and spices. If you plan on getting a set of mortar and pestle, you should consider going for the porcelain type as it’s much easier to clean and it doesn’t absorb the food odors.

3. Manual Can Opener

A manual can opener should be a top priority on your manual kitchen tools especially if you have a big stash of canned goods. When it comes to getting a manual can opener, you’ve plenty of great choices; you’ve the wall mounted can openers which are designed for heavy-duty application, and you’ve the manual can openers which you can easily get at the local store. You should consider having 2 or 3 manual can opener in your kitchen.

4. Coffee Makers; French Press and/or Percolator

If you are a coffee drinker, you might already have a stock of coffee beans, which will need some grinding. Well, even if you do not typically drink coffee, there might come a time when you might need that caffeine boost to keep going during the late hours.

A French press coffee maker is efficient, adjustable and will allow you to store your coffee beans which will last much longer than the ground coffee. A percolator is another key appliance to have in your kitchen if you are a coffee drinker. Percolators are easy to use, do not need electricity, and they work in a different environments. Moreover, they work as quickly as the electric coffee makers, and they are much easier to clean.

If you plan on preparing coffee or an herbal tea when there’s a power outage, a percolator will easily help you reach that desired strength for your tea or coffee. Consider getting one that has a clear glass carafe as it will let you see when your beverage gets just right.

5. Manual Chopper

A manual chopper is an essential manual kitchen tool especially if you prefer chopping your food instead of mashing it. This manual kitchen tool is sturdy and will give enough force to easily chop different types of foods. This includes things like veggies, fruits and even meat. This can be used much more quickly and effectively than with just a knife.

6. Grain Mill

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A good quality grain mill is especially important for those who prefer producing their very own grains or those who like making their flour from scratch. Without a grain mill, processing of grains can be very difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, a grain mill is easy to use and will turn grains into flour in short period of time.

7. Manual Peeler

A good quality peeler needs to be durable. The market is filled with these little tools, but the ease of use and durability are the main factors to consider when you’re buying such a knife like this. There are many different manual peeler variations. Many usually come with a suction cup or clamping type system for enhanced stability.

A quality manual peeler will not only peel, but it can also slice and core. Some of the top-notch varieties are very ergonomic, and usually come equipped with the Japanese stainless steel along with a comfortable grip.

For a more comprehensive list, please check out this article, the must have manual kitchen tools that work with no power.


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One Response to 7 Manual Kitchen Tools That Work with No Power

  • Some good information here in this post. I would add a couple of notes. In Item 1… manual food grinder, they come in a couple of different sizes. Each size has its uses. The blades can be sharpened which makes a world of difference.

    We have a good manual grain mill and although we use it frequently, after years of use, we still are using the original grinder plates. We bought and have a spare set of plates which I highly recommend having on hand.

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