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Quick Tips to Survive these 4 Emergencies

Plenty of articles talk about how to make large supplies and other preparations for various emergencies. In what follows, I want to take a different approach: I’m going to give you nothing but quick, down-to-earth tips of what to do and what not to do when these 4 disasters strike.

Keep in mind that, although the advice itself sounds simple, taking action on it when everyone around you is panicking will be a huge challenge.

Surviving a Riot

We’ve all seen numerous riots spark in the United States as well as in Europe. Here’s some quick tips on what to do should you get trapped in social unrest:

  • Never move in the opposite direction of the rioters. You will stand out and they might pick you as a target, possibly dragging you along.
  • If you see tear gas, run as fast as possible. Everyone else will. Tear gas will make you throw up and impair your vision, maybe even get you arrested once after the cops handcuff you and put you to the ground.
  • Avoid wearing camo clothes, black hoodies and bandanas. Law enforcement might think you’re one of the rioters.
  • If you can’t find a way out, try to find a building to take cover in until everything calms down.
  • Walk instead of run.

Editor’s note: If you can avoid the area altogether, that might be your wisest course of action. Peaceful protesting is your right. But too many times in recent history we have seen protests and demonstrations turn violent. I would urge you to think long and hard before heading off to what could become a potential riot or chaotic situation.

What to do After Martial Law Has Been Declared

Martial Law is the suspension of the Government and the Constitution with a military dictatorship. This can occur following any number of national or local disasters, whether natural or man-made. Some of the things to do right after it happens:

  • Bug out if that’s your plan A. You definitely don’t want to stick around and be “deported” to a “camp”, like it happened to people during Katrina and… it wasn’t pretty. If your plan is to bug in, resist the temptation of going outside until it’s safe to do so.
  • Whether you’re at your “bug out” or at your “bug in” location, make sure no-one knows you’re there. Avoid cooking, making noise, taking out or burning your trash and looking out the window. Make sure that no light is visible from the outside.
  • When talking with people who appear to be law enforcement, ask for proof. Many will try to impersonate them only to take your guns and supplies.

More on how to prep for Martial Law click here.

What to do after and Economic Crisis Has Hit

As I’m writing this, people are extremely worried that a stock market crash is about to happen. Everyone’s saying we’re in a bubble that is about to burst. It happened before and it will happen again – there’s no way to argue against that…

Now, to maintain the format of the article, I’m only going to mention the things you can do to survive once it happened, not on how to prepare. If you want to learn more about prepping for an economic collapse, I recommend this article.

Ok, here we go:

  • Focus on finding people to barter your skills with. This assumes you’re already skilled with things such as plumbing, fixing a car and so on.
  • Turn your survival garden into a business. Of course, this assumes you know how to protect it. You can’t just open up a store in your back yard and hope no looter will pay you a visit at night. Hungry stomachs are one of the things to fear most.
  • Beware of fake money. If there’s a WROL (without the rule of law) situation, people with access to technology (maybe even high-placed bankers?) may take advantage of this. Just because most people will barely have enough to eat, this doesn’t mean that the elites won’t still have access to the “money printing press”.
  • Information is key. Make it a priority to find out where the best places to live are. There’s no point in living somewhere where you can barely meet your family’s basic needs if you can move to some other place where you can live a better life. A total economic collapse will take years, even dozens of years to recover.
  • Be suspicious of friends and neighbors. This goes double if you’re doing well because they’ll want to know what your secret is. Now, whether that secret is called a stockpile or whether you have a source of income (or food, depending on how much the dollar will worth)… you should learn to keep quiet about how you’re doing. If anyone asks, you’re struggling just like everyone else.
  • Expect it to go from bad to worse. There’s something inside of us that tells us: hey, if things are bad right now, they’ll get better. This is called optimism. I’m an optimist by nature myself but no matter how low the stock market is, it can always go even lower
  • Networking will be more important than ever.

How to Survive an EMP

An EMP, also known as an electromagnetic pulse, will render all electronics useless. At least that’s how the theory goes, because no one knows what will really happen. One thing is for sure, though, you won’t feel it. There’s no direct consequence of an EMP on the human body despite the fact that we are all electrically charged.

The only thing you will notice is electronics around you ceasing to function. When this happens…

  • If you’re in a car, prepare for a forced stop since the brakes might not work. Look around you for other cars that might bump into yours.
  • If you’re in a plane, it will probably crash. There are tips on surviving a plane crash but the odds of making it out alive aren’t particularly high.
  • Never assume a blackout is just a blackout. If it’s an EMP, it’s gonna be hell on earth so act fast to see which one is it. Every second counts because when they realize they can’t use their electronics to hear the news and to communicate, they will panic, loot, take supermarkets by storm and so on.
  • Go home and check to see if there’s a fire. Because of the hundreds of amps passing through metal, many house fires are to be expected immediately after an EMP.

Editor’s note: For more details on what we do and don’t know about EMPs, please click this link.

Final Word

Keep in mind that, though the advice given in this article seems easy, when it actually happens, it’ll be completely different. You’re not a trained soldier so your body and mind might not listen to you the way they should.

Please don’t disregard mental preparation as it’s one of the most important things in survival. You can practice by doing survival challenges, taking self-defense classes and simulating in your mind how you’ll react when faced with various emergencies.

Practice makes perfect.

Dan Sullivan
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Editor’s note: What Dan said about mental preparedness should NOT be taken lightly. A favorite saying of mine is “Until you are mentally ready, you are never physically prepared.” Training and skill will help to foster your mental preparedness. Situational awareness is also key! Stay alert.


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