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Prepper Recommendations

Plan and Prepared – Recommendations

Wanting to know which prepper gear, books, and sites we recommend to help you along your preparedness journey? These are our top recommendations!

These sites, books, and gear are ones that we visit/own and use. If it makes this list, then we use it and recommend it! Check back often as I will be updating this site with new and useful links!

Sites we visit

Graywolf Survival – Preparedness site run by Former US Army Chief Warrant Officer, Counter-Intelligence Special Agent and Combat Veteran

PrepperWebsite – HUGE list of articles and prepper sites. Updated daily

American Preppers Network – Large site network with plenty of great information

Active Response Training – Good source of material on self defense

Reality Survival – site run by a former Air Force SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) Instructor

Apartment Prepper – great tips for urban preppers

Preppers Survive – Lots of great articles and DIY stuff

Offgridsurvival– Great source of news and information on preparedness and living off grid

Truthsurvival – A great resource for beginner preppers

SurvivalPunk – Lots of great DIY and off-grid articles

Surviving Prepper – Plenty of great articles

Prepper Website Podcast – Official podcast of the website

Books we own and have read

Get your copy here

98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping your Ass Alive – by Cody Lundin formerly of Dual Survivor – Survival Guide.  Common sense guide to surviving a disaster

When All Hell Breaks Loose:Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes – Ludin’s follow up book – Excellent Book! If I ever have to bug out for good, this book is coming with me!

Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms – Dr. Arthur T Bradley helps you prepare for an EMP/CME

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook: A Guide for Families – Dr. Arthur T Bradley tells you how to prepare you and your family for emergencies

SAS Survival Guide – I keep the “pocket” edition in my Get Home Bag

Gear we carry and use

Frog Togg Rain Suit – light weight and breathable, it keeps you completely dry. I have one in my Get Home Bag. Click here to read my review on it.

Go Sun Solar Oven – cook with just the energy of sunlight. Read my review on this by clicking here

Danner Boots – I own two pairs, my brother owns a pair of these. These boots are built to last and worth every penny!

SOG Seal Pup Knife – Solid all around knife. I keep one in my Get Home Bag

Kershaw Tanto Knife – My EDC knife. I carry it every day

Sawyer Mini Filter

Sawyer Mini Filtration system – weighs 2 oz, takes out 99.99999% of all bacteria, filters up to 100,000 gallons of water. I keep one in my Get Home Bag

5-11 3in1 Parka…click here for details

Teton Sport Celsius XL -18 Degree C / 0 Degree F Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag – On more than one occasion in 30 to 40 degree temps, I was quite warm. Buy a second with the zipper on the opposite side and the two bags will zip up together. I have this bag and really like it

5-11 Three in One Parka – Waterproof/breathable outer liner with detachable hood; fleece inner jacket. Warmest coat I have ever owned

Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool – Great quality multi tool I carry in my EDC bag. I have a second, older model in my Get Home Bag

Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED HL Rechargeable High Lumen Flashlight with 120-volt AC/12-volt DC PiggyBack Charger – Rechargeable and durable. I have had this for several years. Stays in my EDC bag when not on the charger

Streamlight 69260 TLR-2 HL High Lumen Rail-Mounted Tactical Light – Uses 2 CR123A batteries. Bright as hell and mounts easily to my Glock

Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio w/ Flashlight, Solar Power & Cell Phone Charger – Hand crank emergency radio and flash light. Is also solar powered and will allow you to recharge your cell phone.

Click to get your

Cree Ultra Fire flashlight –  Uses 1 AA battery, it puts out around 300 lumens. It clips firmly in my pocket, and it has never accidentally fallen out. It is sturdy and well built. The power button is “subdued” and I have never accidentally turned it on while still in my pocket. My model comes with three different settings, including a “strobe” mode.

This is one I recommend for anyone wanting a small (weighs about 2.5 oz) but powerful and durable pocket flashlight! It is even waterproof. This is my EDC flashlight.

In addition, I have a Goal Zero solar panel for recharging things like AA batteries in my GHB. That would come in quite handy in extended disaster scenarios!

Osborn Holster – This is my EDC holster when not on duty. I really like this holster! – Great tasting food that lasts for to 25 years. Just add hot water! Be sure to check out my review of their food by clicking the link here.

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