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EDC Gun Review – Sig P238

sigA few months back, I decided that I wanted to upgrade my EDC off-duty carry pistol. At the time, I had a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard. And while it was a decent, quality firearm, I did not like the LONG trigger pull. So I decided I wanted to make a change. Off to my favorite gun store I went.

After looking at a few, I picked up the Sig Sauer P238, and immediately fell in love. The P238 is a metal framed 1911 in miniature, (minus the grip safety), chambered in .380. It fit perfectly into my hand (with the flared 7 round mag…see picture) with an overall width of about 1’1” with a 2.7’’ barrel. As for weight, it is about 15 oz. unloaded.

The pistol comes with a 6 round magazine, but I purchased an additional 7 rounder with a flared bottom plate. (I would recommend this mag to anyone buying this firearm.)

I went to a local gun range, where I was able to rent the P238. The guy behind the counter lent me a 7 round, flared mag. From the very first trigger pull, I knew this gun was for me. The trigger was fluid and so SMOOTH, at maybe 5 lb pull.

The P238 is single action, meaning that the hammer must be cocked in the rear position. The safety is a bit strong, but that means it won’t accidentally be flipped off. There is a noticeable “click” when engaging the safety on and off. You will also notice the feel when doing so. Hence there won’t be any confusion when flipping the safety on and off. You WILL hear it and feel it!

I practiced quite a bit, drawing from a holstered position while disengaging the safety. The safety flips off easily, though flipping the safety back on takes a bit of practice as it was a little stiff at first.

Speaking of holsters, the P238 does come with a Sig hard case OWB concealment holster. I thought it was a nice touch, but ended up not using it. It rode a bit high on my waist for my liking. I also felt like I wanted a concealment holster that was a bit more secure and stable.

With a different holster, the P238 is small and light enough that it is easy for me to carry concealed. I don’t worry about imprinting through my clothing. I now carry my Sig in an Osborn IWB holster and love it. Read the review on it here!

20150327_212506The night sights are SIGLITE, and will still faintly glow even if kept in the dark for long periods of time. I LOVE these sights, as I have never been a fan of the subdued sights that are on so many “pocket” pistols. These sights are easy to acquire visually for quick fire situations.

I put a box of rounds through it, and the next day was back at the store, filling out the back ground paperwork to make it mine! I went to my police range a few days later to qualify with it. You can read about it here.

After putting a few hundred rounds through it, I have yet to have a single problem or issue. I found the gun to be completely reliable, and VERY accurate. I also found the recoil to be considerably less than the other pocket pistols I have shot before.

If I had to find something to be concerned about, the first might be the price. The MSRP on this firearm is $679 according to Sig’s website. For a prepper on a tight budget, that might put this pistol out of their price range. But to that I would say you get what you pay for. And when it comes to something you might need to protect your life, do you really want to skimp?

The Sig P238 is a high quality firearm that I trust my life with. And for me, that’s saying something!

The big problem I have isn’t with the gun at all. It is my issue with training. For years, I have carried a Glock 23 (no safety). I have trained extensively with Glock, and can draw and fire quickly and accurately with it. But with the P238, I now have to add in a step of disengaging the safety when quickly drawing and acquiring my sight picture.

I practice both with the Glock and Sig fairly regularly. But if I ever find myself in a life or death situation, where the brain clicks off and instinct kicks in, I wonder will I instinctively switch off the safety? (Or carrying the Glock, would I try to switch of a safety that isn’t there?)

Free shipping on 10 plus boxes!!

I have tried to develop the motor skills and muscle memory needed for both. But human physiology and kinesiology can be a very funny thing when the “poop gets real!!”

To be honest, I have begun to toy with the idea of switching from the Glock to a Sig 1911 full size. But there are other issues in play, such as my department issuing .40 cal Glocks, etc. and my ammo supplies being in .40 cal.

But the fact that I’m even at this point is a testament to how much I enjoy the P238!

Truth be told, I LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting this gun! The lite recoil and accuracy make this a top notch firearm. I have carried a Glock for well over a decade, but this gun is more fun to shoot than my Glocks. It’s no longer just a back up, off duty weapon. It is also a “fun gun” that I shoot every time I am able.

Update: My mother was looking for a Carry conceal gun. After trying a few different guns, she tried my P238, and she too immediately fell in love with it. So my father bought her one to carry concealed.


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